Now is the time to ensure that all of your suppliers of goods made in USA or Mexico complete and forward your blanket NAFTA Certificates of Origin for the period 1/01/2007 to 31/12/2007.

Blank Forms are available on this website. If suppliers require assisstance they can contact Elaine McDermott at 905-871-7961 or toll free at 800-565-6441.

If you are shipping to the United States from Canada, contact Angela Wilson at 716-362-1235 or toll free at 866-566-8145.

As in the past, Royal Customs Brokers will claim the duty free treatment of goods under NAFTA at the time of release. However, if no NAFTA Certificate of Origin is on hand when the entry is due to be transmitted to Customs, we must pay the applicable duty subject to refund claim upon production of the required certificate.

Let’s avoid the hassle and expense of claims for duty refund, encourage your suppliers to provide either blanket certificates or a seperate certificate with each shipment.



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